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Alec Marken, producer of the BnB Peace Concerts, can be reached via: or 949-370-0523 or 


The "Bands and Bellies" Peace Concert has evolved from a peace benefit to full fledged show *with Heart.* If you are interested in attending, volunteering, performing, have an organization you would like us to know about or have some other idea about getting involved, please read this note:



Would you like to participate in a Bands and Bellies show? Do you have something unique to contribute to our peaceful and artistic community?

Since we are a show, and not a festival (or hafla or competition), we do things a bit differently than many belly dance shows OR musical concerts! For those of you who are new to "BANDS AND BELLIES" Peace Concerts, we have two acts for our show: one half "Bands", one half "Bellies." We always invite a charity or organization to be represented- to bring a table with information and a mailing list sign-up sheet and also to speak to our audience. We always donate a portion of our proceeds to out guest charity/organization.



The first act showcases all different kinds of live music- ranging from folk to punk (not usually Middle Eastern, as many people might assume.) The second act features professional belly dancers. Each act is only about an hour long, so A LOT goes into the decision-making process. We make sure we craft a line-up with a variety of styles, and we do give first choice to early submissions and local professional artists (this depends on the venue we choose and its location.) Unfortunately, we cannot always give a performance slot to everyone who requests one. We often have a waiting list from the previous show, and also a "wish list" of people we wanted to feature but did not have in the last show (for whatever reason.) After we have checked availability with those artists and started building our line-up (and if we still have space), we then request performance submissions from artists. We choose the remainder of our line-up from those artists. So please, always feel free to submit a performance request, but know that there will be times we will already be booked.

If you would like to be considered for our next production *and if we have not already featured you in one of our shows* please send us your best contact information, a performance video that showcases your style, your website ( if applicable) and anything else that will help us decide our line-up for # 10. We will contact artists we intend to book as we get closer to announcing our next show, in order to confirm availability.


 We are always looking for vendors to showcase, as well, so please let us know if you are interested or if you have someone to recommend! We are VERY reasonable, and can only accommodate a few vendors, so send us your participation request early!


Are you part of a charitable organization or group that needs more public awareness and involvement? Or, do you know of a group that needs a little extra help? If you would like to have a representative of your group or suggest a group for our consideration, please send us a message with your contact information, the main website (or mission statement if you don't have a site) so that we can get more info! 

Note to past and future participants: Please feel free to give us feedback after each event, and also let us know if you would like to be added to our list to consider for each event. We obviously look at availability and frequency of performance- and we do re-invite performers! We truly appreciate all of the amazing artists we have worked with in the last two years, and anticipate many more fantastic shows. Thank you all for your enthusiasm, support and participation! And please tell your friends to check us out!

Thank you very much from the BNB team!



****Please send all communications here: ****

Mission Viejo, CA
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