Thank you for all the wonderful energy and support you give to our community every day! Would you be willing to get involved with Bands and Bellies as part of our support network? We are putting together our program and we would like to give you the opportunity to “Sponsor a Dancer.” Our sponsorship is very simple: your $20 donation earns you a mention in our program (which includes your business name and your website or contact information) and that money goes directly to cover the honorarium of one world class dancer! I do realize the show is only a week away, but our original sponsor has not come through, and we want to make sure all of our artist at least receive a token of our appreciation. We would be grateful for your collaboration! Will you help us support our local belly dance artists? To confirm your sponsorship or to contact us with any questions or concern, please call (949) 370-0523 or send us a message at Thank you again! Peace, love and art, Sarah al Nour and Alec Marken